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    The school has an extensive campus with an infrastructure at par with international standards. Spacious classrooms equipped with the latest multimedia hardware, well-equipped Science laboratories, dedicated laboratories for Computers, Mathematics & Languages, an auditorium, Activity Rooms & studios, an AV room, cafeteria, and an elaborate Sports infrastructure, all ensure that the child will have the best facilities to support the academic programme.

    The school also has an academic and Sports programme using the latest methodology and training programmes, with qualified teachers and trained Coaches and Instructors. This is in line with our goal of promoting excellence in academics, Sports and co-curricular activities.


    • Procedure: (Awareness/ Motivation/ identifying area n people to make them understand the imp of education/ forceful stand /organizing awareness camps and other activities to promote education).
    • Scholarships: 100%


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    • 1-10th Std
    • Archeries
    • Athletics
    • Gymnasium

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