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Co-curricular Activities
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  • Co-curricular Activities


    Classroom Programs and Workshops

    • Personality development programs to make them aware of surrounding world.
    • Manners and etiquettes of the modern world.
    • How to become self dependent in Today’s surrounding world.
    • Teaching correct way of Agriculture and horticulture
    • Educate them to importance of wild life.
    • Awareness about fake belief in superstitious and black magic.
    • Alcohol, tobacco and other drug addiction.
    • Teaching value of methodical sports like Archeries, long distant running and other athletic games.
    • Teaching importance of media and mass communication.
    • Importance of good nutrition and how to procure good nutrition.
    • How to up bring the child.
    • Pear group relationship.
    • How to avoid getting robbed by the businessman and how to deal with cash transaction.
    • Dairy science teaching.
    • Cash crops cultivation.
    • How to leave hygienic and how to prevent water contamination.
    • Family responsibility and family Values and culture.
    • Development their own community.
    • Introducing Government scheme for adivasi.
    • Awareness about modern medicine.
    • Introducing them to various diseases like malayria, typhoid, filaria, polio, worm infection, skin disease, and blindness.
    • Educating them for menarche.
    • Importance of breast feeding.
    • Introducing them to Indian law.
    • Family planning importance.
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